How Spain Fosters International Cooperation Within Celtic-Plus

As read in the Celtic-Plus Newsletter of Spring 2015.

In Spain two ministries are involved in the management, representation and promo- tion of CELTIC-Plus and other EUREKA Clus- ters: the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR), and the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Spanish Innovation Agency, the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) is the responsible institution for de- ning the national ICT policies, in agreement with other departments.

CDTI participates actively in Celtic-Plus due to the added value of innovation performed interna- tionally and the ability to enable Spanish compa- nies to foster their technological capacities. This allows the companies to expand the impact of their products, processes and services on the global market. EUREKA Clusters have become an excellent way to foster the Spanish industry for global competitiveness.

EUREKA Clusters and their projects o er Spanish industry the advantage that they are bottom-up international initiatives to stimulate collaborative R&D in Europe. Within the Clusters, Celtic-Plus is particularly relevant, as the R&D eld of Celtic-Plus – telecommunications, includ- ing networks, services and applications – has gained great relevance in the ICT-related indus- try, which is of importance for Spain. Spain has made major contributions to very successful Celtic-Plus projects, two of which are presented below.

Successful Celtic-Plus projects in Spain

The HIPERMED project, funded by MINETUR, has developed an open high-performance low- cost telemedicine platform that has a huge po- tential for reducing healthcare costs in developed countries and provides cost-e ective healthcare to remote areas of developing countries. It has received the following European awards:

  • Celtic-Plus Excellence Silver Award (April 2014)
  • Winner of the EUREKA Award in the category “Added Value” (August 2014)
  • Winner of the prestigious EUREKA Innovation Award (November 2014)

The TILAS project on Technology Improvements for Large Scale Smart Cities Deployments, fund- ed by CDTI, provides technological solutions that enable the deployment of IoT (Internet of Things) devices in large-scale smart cities environments. The breakthroughs are focused on new models of end-to-end security devices with limited resourc- es, management of massive remote rmware upgrades, new routing protocols, incorporation of IPv6 on PLC and actual deployments of valida- tion in urban environments. Several articles have been published about TILAS at international level.

Funding in Spain

Usually MINETUR and CDTI grant the Celtic-Plus projects a funding of 25% or more for large com- panies and about 35% for SMEs. Research cen- tres and universities must be sub-contracted by industry.

Both, MINETUR and CDTI, have a proven method to foster this kind of projects due to the high potential for Spanish participants to improve their competitiveness and exploitation capacities on the European market. Besides, CDTI has rein-

forced the funding tools for EUREKA Cluster proj- ects with loans up to 85% of the xed interest rate Euribor, and a 30% non-repayable part, the highest o ered by CDTI for R&D projects.

21 projects have been funded by MINETUR and CDTI since 2011. While MINETUR opens speci c calls for Celtic-Plus Projects, CDTI has an open call the whole year round.


Celtic-Plus is a bottom-up R&D programme that complements other international and national programmes and o ers an International coopera- tion framework. It is a very interesting programme for Spanish companies, and it provides the best solution for applying technology at key and stra- tegic sectors.

The Spanish Authorities have a high interest in Celtic-Plus, involving two Ministries with comple- mentary funding tools for Spanish organisations, mainly for industry, although research centres or universities are welcome within the consortiums if they are sub-contracted by companies.

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