HIPERMED-E3 Achieves First 3D Telesurgery Real Time Transmission

European project establishing new standards for Internet-based health services achieve first 3D telesurgery transmission in real time.

Nancy, 29 September 2015 — The EUREKA CELTIC-Plus HIPERMED & E3 research projects, a European endeavor in health and telecommunication technologies, that won the prestigious EUREKA Innovation Award 2014 during the EUREKA Innovation Event in Basel, Switzerland have achieve the first 3D telesurgery real time transmission between the Nancy-Lorraine (France) School of Surgery, the University Hospital of Nancy (France) and TELECOM Nancy, an engineering school in computer science from Lorraine University.


Mr. Oscar Chabrera Villarreal, Co-founder and EU Manager at Vilynx , representing the partner companies united in the project, said ‘we are proud that the HIPERMED & E3 developments backed up by the confidence of EUREKA and CELTIC-Plus are being integrated in both ENT and Heart Surgeries procedures helping doctors in their daily work. We do expect to extend HIPERMED-E3 solution to other medical specialties and other hospitals‘

Pr. Jean Marie Moureaux, co-founder with Dr. Denis Abraham of the living lab PROMETEE (user perception for multimedia usages in medical applications) has been fully involved in this project, as a member of the HIPERMED&E3 consortium. PROMETEE has allowed the medical validation of this tele-surgery project thanks to a quality assessment study. Furthermore, Jean-Marie Moureaux has connected the different medical French stakeholders of this project and initiated the collaboration with NETICTECH, a Polish company resulting from HIPERMED which commercializes a fully integrated version of the HIPERMED platform.

Mr. Piotr Pawałowski, CTO at NETICTECH and Project Leader at Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC). At PSNC, he has been leading the technical developments of the remote consultation scenario in the HIPERMED project and at NETICTECH, he initiated the creation of a commercial product. medVC is a high quality remote consultation tool for medical professionals. It enables real-time audio-video collaboration enhanced by specialised medical services. medVC is designed for operating rooms or doctors’ offices and provides multiple high resolution video feeds (2D and 3D) coming from cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical devices. The unique value of medVC solution is original and scalable business model for commercialization, based on cloud services.

Dr. Patrice Gallet, ORL et Chirurgie cervico-faciale at CHRU NANCY (Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire, Institut Louis Mathieu), said “the second step is the deploy of other HIPERMED-E3 platforms in the University Hospital of Nancy, then in the North East of France, allowing the development of educational activities of the highest quality, and the possibility of new interactions between all actors of medical care.” “Hipermed-E3 gives us the possibility to retransmit live surgeries with HD-videos, remarkable fluidity and the possibility of real interactions between the audience and the surgeon. We used it primarily in educational objectives , but the system can be used for communication of medical informations of different types in a multidisciplinary context or in an objective of medical assistance to less specialized centers.”

Spanning nearly three years, the CELTIC HIPERMED project brought together researchers from France, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. HIPERMED stands for HIgh PERformance low cost teleMEDicine platform. It was the first cross-domain project in the fast growing e-health sector to be initiated within the Celtic Cluster including partners from both the ICT and the health sector. The final result was the design of a common, open and high-performance telemedicine platform. The system is low-cost and provides services over the Internet, including low cost HD-video. HIPERMED’s huge potential has already been translated into commercial deployments.

The CELTIC E3 project, HIPERMED project follow up, has allow Finish researches to joint HIPERMED-E3 developments allowing to test the solution in event more medical systems. E3 stands for E-health services Everywhere and for Everybody and aims to enhance HIPERMED developments moving them to mobile and reducing deployment costs. The first common development is the deployment of the HIPERMED-E3 solution in the Nancy School of Surgery that will be inaugurated next 29th September.